I know you have all longed to hear from me again…. “Right” well I thought I would try
my hand at Facebook… but would you guess it cause nothing but cyber drama…. Not that
I Rachel Rogers had anything to do with drama being far above anything that smells of drama
but, I love Facebook I love getting a peek into everyone’s life that does not like to live
on the phone like me. I know having the phone attached to my ear is so super cute I have
no idea why Y’all would not want to follow suit.  Facebook it a easy way for people to stay
connected.  Just not for people like me who have so much to say.
So after the long introduction I am back at the blog.  I thought I would begin with the Top story that
came up on my computer monitor this morning that has me in a fit of absolute rage. You can find the story here.
The story is talking about who pulled the the best cup of coffee.  They “blind” tested a group of people and had them taste Starbucks, Mc D’s and Dunkin donuts. In my horror the said that Starbucks was the worst and Dunkin donut’s was the best! YUK- O. Now I am so okay with loosing out to Mc D’s only because my little girl adores the Ronald McDonald house and my beloved father in-law is old and he loves Mc D’s coffee. But a donut place whatever.
I know the drama of it all…..