I think we sometimes forget to celebrate the hope that we are given in the children who have survived their battle with cancer.  I am blessed that  Minnie has been an inspiration to many people. People who have won the battle but even more who have lost. It it is amazing to me that as a little child she has been able to provide comfort to people in the last days of their life…I feel like the suffering she has gone through has been for the glory of God . I have heard many times from many people if Minnie can do this I can… I  wonder if I have had a glimpse of the pride of our heavenly father had in his son. One of the resons that God allowed Jesus to experience the suffering he did so as a parent he would understand  US. He has been where we are at. he has seen his child hurting, he has seen his child tempted. But  he has has to endure something more than I can fathom , he has experienced his child’s death. I  am heart stricken each time I hear of one child losing the battle. I pray that a cure would find it’s way to our society. My Hope is in God, and that his divine intervention will use each child’s suffering for his glory. That he will intervene and a cure will be found. The day that our babies are able to celebrate life without the fear of cancer will be  a glorious day.

Today is the final day of childhood cancer awareness.  Today Minnie is 9 years 10 months and 14 days of living life free of cancer.  Minnie is HOPE, childhood cancer has changed our family forever. But we would not be the family we are today without it.