Bullying, it seems to be the theme around our house the last few months. I don’t know about you but as a mom of two tween’s I want to teach my kids the necessary tools to deal with what ever comes their way. This is where the old saying “growing pains” fits in… growing up is hard. It is down right painful, but I truly believe that if we guide our kids we can ease that pain. I am not saying they will never feel pain. Trust me… If I could have taken pain away, my kids’ life would be a whole lot different around here. What I am saying is, by guiding them, maybe their pain could be lessened. Maybe they just might listen ( we can dream ) and avoid some of it altogether. I do know this, I will never regret teaching them, giving them insight, or giving instruction to my kids on how to treat others or how they should expect to be treated.

In the last year we have had our first run in with a word bully, then our first playground fight, and in this last few weeks we just experienced our first round of cyber bullying.

In these three cases came so many teaching lessons.

When we had our run in with the word bully we took this opportunity to teach ‘Why’? Why would someone say something so hurtful. We talked about this person and what is going on in their life that might cause them to have sadness, anger, and pain. We talked it out and then we prayed for those things then we tried to forgive. It is really easy to tell your child to forgive someone… but they are kids… heck I was still upset. I understood better but that did not take the pain away. So we tried to forgive. Still today we talk about this word bully… we are still forgiving.

Then came our first playground fight and the opportunity to teach friendship was ginormous. “WHAT!” I know that sounds bad right… but in all seriousness, one of our kids displayed friendship during a fight. Sometimes, well most of the time… going against the crowd is hard. During this event one of our kids pulled a child out of a position where he was getting beat up by many other children. Our child thought first of someone else! YHA! Fighting is wrong, but standing by idly while your friend is in need… that would of been wrong too… Friendship was taught…

Now Cyber Bulling… When in a leadership role on the internet you have responsibilities. This act of bullying has taught both of my kids how to stand up to a friend for the injustice of another friend. It has taught them that what you type on the computer is forever documented. Black and white for all the world to read. It has taught them to take caution with whom you give authority to.

All good things right? Of course none of these things came without a price. Bullying is real. But when talked about it, we can all learn.

We did a study on You Version about bullying with the kids. It was awesome. It brought on some really great discussions. I hope that you will do this study with your kiddo’s. Help them hide these words in their hearts.

 If possible, to the best of your ability, live at peace with all people.

Romans 12:18