I know Y’all must think I have just dropped off the face of the earth…. Well not quite I have in fact just dropped the blog ball it is like laundry you get  a big pile and you feel over whelmed. Yes, that is me I have been gone for so long I have felt over whelmed.  Anyway, I also found myself wrapped up in a project… You know one of those I am going to do this it will only take me the afternoon project, and now it is three weeks later and I hate this project…. I decided that I would paint Minnie’s dresser. This would give me the chance to get it out of the closet and give me the ability to hide all of those unsightly toys that I wish she did not have but she is a kid and she has to play, Right?  So here I go lugging it down the stairs. Yes, by myself  I already got scolded so I do not need to here it from Y’all okay… I did google on how to do it yourself , so I was prepared…. NOT!!!!  I did sand it first ,then prime it, then paint it.  But Y’all know how it goes around here I am learning Patience RIGHT!!! So really it was bubbling and cracking.  I had to strip the paint, sand the dresser down to the bare wood (or so I thought). It looked awesome I might add!!! Then off I went to the paint store with my hubby… There the guy told me I could of ruff sanded it… I wanted to jump over the counter and ring his neck but I refrained, I did need his advice so I just nodded my head. I got everything I needed. (for twice the price I would of payed at wal-mart)… But off I went… This was Thursday three weeks after I first began this easy “project”  I got up at 5:30 this morning to give my cute (but hated dresser) a coat of white paint.  I really was hoping to have everything done before my in-laws got here so my house was cute and put together but guess what, The guy at the paint tore told me when I am all done painting I need to WAIT 10 days before putting anything in the cute (but hated white dresser)!!! OH MY…. One day I will have PATIENCE I swear….  so now you know why I have neglected my computer time.  I also have been neglected my camera but I have a few photo’s that from the last few days.

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