The man of my dreams is growing right now. He is showing his strength with every challenge that he over comes. I marvel each time I talk to him. He is strong and capable.  He is a good man. He is a Godly man. He loves our kids and each time I talk to him I melt. I am blessed.

I wonder if you ever realized how blessed you have been to go through the trials in life that you were given?

Yes, blessed… you see without the many trials that we have seen I would not have been blessed to see the amazing man that the Lord has given to me. I would miss the many miracles in our life that we have been given. I really believe that with each trial many blessing follow.

In the years that we have been in the hospital with Minnie we have had to spend a lot of time a part… Each time I see tremendous growth both in Josh and Ty. My heart kinda breaks knowing that they are okay without me… But I also rejoice knowing that they love each other and have fun, Josh is cooking home cooked meals… And he to is using his craft king crown, helping Ty with his science project… He has taken our son to basketball where Ty has received the most Christ like award. How much prouder could I be. Our son the most Christ like! All because he is spending time with his daddy.

I just hope that you all will look through your trials for your blessings…. If you are lucky your best blessing of all could be….

Prince Charming...