If you live in a neighborhood you know how amazing it is to be close to people that you like or maybe even love.  We happen to have found ourselves in a place that no matter what time of day it is we can go to any of our neighbors and shop, talk, send our kids to play, or just have a glass of wine and rewind the days events.  What we have found here is a family.   It is really amazing the community that we have become wrapped up in.  Not only do we live next door to these people but most of our lives are spent living with them as well.  Our kids play daily, they are learning from eachother the good bad and ugly… Like it or not it is the truth, good thing is for the most part we have a great bunch of kids so  paling around is okay. We spend most of our weekends with them as well. Friday nights you will find our house is filled with someone if it is not most of the neighborhood it is some of it.  I am so happy to be “that” home.  Even if I bitch about it some times.  I really do feel so blessed by the fact that daily my kids are making memories in there neighborhood with friends that they will remember forever.  I do need a kick in my but some days to remeber my blessing, like this am when my door bell rang and it was not the neighborhood kid asking me for a ride, it was the neighbor asking if my kids wanted a ride!