The Long of It

Some folks have asked me about how to get a special image next to their comments and/or posts.  Some of you already know this is called an ‘avatar.’   I’ve decided to use ‘gravatars’ on this site.  Globally recognized avatars, use your email address to look up your gravatar from a central site.  Most folks seem to be using for this central look up.

The Short of It

You can set up a gravatar by doing the following steps:

1. go to and entering your email address


2. an confirmation email will be sent to you.  Open your email, and click on the link in the confirmation email.


3. provide a username you’d like to use (no upper case, no letters or symbols) and a password.

4. Click on the Add one by clicking here! link on the confirmation page.

5. Upload your image via webcam, URL, or file from your computer.


That’s it!  You’re done!   If you have trouble, just ask!