I have friend, she is amazing. She lift’s  us up, she inspires us, and she has been teaching us how to be Fearless on her AWESOME blog The Fearless Experiment. But this last week she share on her Mom’s Blog Earth Monkey Mom’s ,  her heart was broken by going to the playground. You see she is a Mommy Warrior, and even Warrior’s get broken hearts.  Let me tell you why,  she took her little Warrior’s to the playground. Big deal, you say? It would be a humongous deal if you are a Mommy Warrior who teaches her little Warrior’s  to be respectful and have compassion. But you then see children running from your Warrior  because he screams at them about braking playground rules.  My friend’s little Warrior’s are battling through every day with Autism.  She is an amazing Mama, who has done every thing and more to protect and serve her troop.  I am in awe and humbled by her.  This trip to the playground sparked a plea from her to US… the community that she serves,  talk to our kids about Autism.

So here in Texas… I went and talked to some of our kids…. and they are learning, and finding compassion, and maybe as long as we have little Warriors the kids in Texas will be the example to the generation’s fight for those who can’t always fight for themselves.



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