Now, if you’re gonna say things Texans say, you’ve got to be sure to get the pronunciation right. Here are a few tips:

In Texas, the “g” in the suffix “ing” is silent. Thus, “fixing to” becomes “fixin’ to.”

chester drawers: that piece of furniture you put your socks in.

nuther thing: another thing

hairyew: a greeting used when one wants to discern the physical and emotional wellbeing of his/her companion.

ah’mo: I am going to. E.g.: “Ah’mo get back to work.”

sure’nuff: (one word). Used as a superfluous question in place of “Really?” or “Is that right?” Also used as an adverb in sentences.

rench: the process of laving with water, possibly to remove soap or shampoo. You can also “rench out” socks, if you’ve a mind to.

warsh: the process one engages in before renching.