Just about to wake up “sleeping minnie” and get her all dressed up for her big date.  Her hair is done in the latest mommy updo upon her dates request… she will be wearing a new gown designed lazywomen.com sewin not to expertly but with much love by her mommy on her new friend Kara’s awesome sewing machine. Don’t worry picture’s will follow! This is one date we will want to remember. .. and the one date she won’t remember because it is the only date drugs are allowed and provide and the only one daddy won’t have a gun waiting when the boys come to pick her up!  She has no curfew and can sleep as long as she likes the next day! And she can keep seeing her date till she is over her childish ways. . 

When this “sleeping minnie” wakes up.  I will continue on and let you know how she handled going on her date.