32 years… I look back on my life so far and the word that comes to my mind is Blessed. I have had the Lords favor and covering, he set me apart this I know to be true. He has been faithful and true to his word… even when I felt as though I was at the very end of my rope. We have never been given anymore than we could handle. I promise I have felt like it at times but hind sight is always 20/20.

I have been Blessed with a spouse that I love we have passion and excitement for each other. This is a miracle and I know that God has been walking with us… I know that sounds cliche but statistics show that 80% of marriages fail when having a child with special needs. To have a marriage that is full of passion is a Blessing and a miracle and I am so thankful.

I have been blessed with a son that is kind and Christ minded he makes me so proud my heart just aches.

I have been blessed with a daughter who is Alive and well. She is determined and strong and walking …

I wish I could express my mommy words better, my heart after this year of being apart from my son for so long and watching my daughter endure the hardest time she has medically are few… But the top are Thankful and Blessed.

I was showered today with loving words from my friends and family and I am telling you that a woman could never feel as loved or as blessed as I do tonight. My husband and kids cooked me an amazing dinner that I ate way to much of and we all cuddled up and watched a show on the computer! I had a amazing day thank you to each person who was a part of making it special.

Matthew 5:2-12