Minnie was so great taking photo’s of Daddy and Mommy EVERYWHERE!! I have realize because I am so self centered and have not wanted anyone to see what I looked liked I have very few pictures of Josh and I. This really is horrible and something I am going to change. I am going to make sure that no matter if I am a headcase my kids will have picture of us together. And Josh and I will have memories. Shame on me… But Yah for me that I can change this and I have started on this trip!!

Josh and Rach “Take~1” Fort Davis

Josh and Rach “Tack~2” Valentine Texas Remember we got married on Valentine’s day!! I was so excited to See this small little town!

Josh and Rach “Take~3” Grandma Prough’s Pacific Ocean

Josh and Rach “Take~4” Joshua Tree

Josh and Rach “Take~5” Hover Dam

Josh and Rach “Take~6” Grand Canyon

Josh and Rach “Take~7” Grand Canyon 2

Josh and Rach “Take~8” Grand Canyon 3