Time for a Minnie-Update (pardon the pun)

Minnie has been on IV antibiotics for quite a while now. Infectious Disease (ID) doctors believe her rod is colonized with bacteria and has been chronically for some time. This may explain why her back keeps opening up with infection. The plan was to keep her on IV Vancomyacin for a month then go to oral antibiotics. When we switched to oral, her wound started showing signs of infection again, so we went right back to IV, planning to try another more potent oral drug later. It got better at first, then we backed off the amount of IV Vanco, and the wound flared up again.

At this point Dr Williams (ortho surgeon) wants to wait until early January to stop all antibiotics and see what happens. This will difinately tell him there is a remaining infection, which require surgical intervention. If we see a flare up, which we expect to, the plan is to remove her rod and fuse her spine. This means she would be done with VEPTR and regular surgeries. Dr. Williams believes her spine has naturally fused in several places, and the rods may not be doing much good anymore anyhow.

Because of the recent flare up, we put the IV Vanco back on the old dose, which has made the wound look less red. The trouble is, her central line isn’t working right. It’s not flushing right. It draws fine, but the flush is impeded some how. Its been really slow for about a week. Medicine that is supposed to take an hour to deliver has been taking two to two and a half hours.
Normally when we have trouble its the draw that doesn’t work, so this is a little weird.

So, we scheduled a trip to the hospital to figure it out. The night before the appointment, Minnie dropped her medicine bag while hooked up to it, which pulled the needle out of her port. Because there was a bandage over the needle, it got pushed back into her flesh, and the Vanco went into her flesh (this is called infiltration, and is not good)

Rachel got a new needle and re-accessed her. She was a pro, and did all the steps ‘just right’. In fact, she did better than I’ve seen some nurses do. Once the line was in, we gave her benedryl to counteract the reaction to the Vanco in her chest was causing. At this point the line is still behaving the same, tough to flush.

The next day, they did imaging to look at the port and are just as confused as we are. They decided the port has to be replaced, and most likely has some sort of calcium buildup inside the resevoir. This explaination doesn’t make much sense since the buildup is INSIDE the resevoir, which generally sees Vanco which doesn’t have calcium in it. Regardless, it has to be fixed because she needs the Vanco, so we’re sitting in the OR waiting room, waiting for Minnie to go in.

Please pray all goes smoothly and we go home tonight and are able to celebrate Christmas at home as a family.