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Yesterday you texted me an encouraging word and made my heart soar.

Yesterday you called and prayed for me over the phone from thousands of miles away and eased my heart.

Yesterday you brought me dinner and let me rest.

Yesterday you visited us and touched our hearts.

Yesterday you posted on my facebook and lifted us up in prayer.

Yesterday you had your say on our blog and helped fill our cup.

Yesterday you provided food and shelter to our family.

Yesterday you nursed our daughter’s little body.

Yesterday you knelt before our Lord and prayed for us.

Yesterday you met all of our needs.

Yesterday Our Daughter took three steps.

Yesterday my cup over flowed…



A much awaited update on our girl…

Today she is getting stronger.

Today our goal is helping her stay comfortable,

Today we are managing her pain, exercising her legs, and making sure she get’s some calories.

Today her pain is interesting to me.

Today she hurts in the middle of her back and her left arm and her chest.

Today her right leg seems stronger then the left and is less numb… She say’s it is not as asleep… She is able to move them a lot more while she is in bed.

Today she tried to put some body weight on her feet… They just are so weak after the first try she was done and she was then just a limp baby doll…

Today she sat in a chair for one hour. while she did this she cried and watched the clock the whole time… Who taught her how to tell time… Right now I am not that thrilled that she can…

Today I am trying to think about Today, and not tomorrow.

Today I need my cup filled… I feel like my cup has a small hole in the bottom and my faith is slowly dripping out.





Time to climb

I lift up my eyes to the mountains, where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. He will not let your foot slip, he who watches over you will not slumber….

Psalms 121

What is your mountain? What task have you been thinking about completing but you just feel like it is impossible to accomplish? Maybe you would like to go to school, or start a career. Maybe it is Taxes or bills. Could it be cleaning out your closet and donating to start simplifying your life? Would you like to start an exercise routine? Or calling your grandparents weekly or volunteering. I think we can all think of something that we feel is a “mountain”.

Our Minnie is at the base of a mountain, her little legs are extremely weak. Right now they are not weight bearing. Her doctors are expecting a full recovery they just can not predict how long that recovery will take.

I want to encourage you in this friends… NO matter what your mountain is, the same Maker that made the heavens and the earth will help you. He will not let Minnie’s foot slip as she climb’s this mountain of regaining strength so she is able to walk again. Be assured He who watches over us will not slumber. He is healing her, and what ever that mountain is that you maybe wrestling with He is able to give you whatever you need. Just ask.

Please be in prayer for our girl as she is healing.

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